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About REHM

Rehm & co korea Ltd is branch or Rehm & co closely partnered with coffee producers and exporters in twenty countries.
It is one of the oldest world coffee traders based on the 110 year old established experience of green coffee trading, by supplying roasters across
the world with more than 500,000 bags of coffee every year. We are grateful for the coffee producer's and worker's labor and effort invested
in the long journey of coffee. We have safely delivered the highest quality of coffee to the best roasters with stability.

(주)레햄코리아는 110년 Green coffee 무역의 축적된 경험과 20여개국 커피 생산자 및 수출사와의 단단한 파트너 쉽으로 연간 50만Bag 이상의 커피를 전세계
로스터들에게 공급하고 있는 가장 오래된 specialty coffee trader 중 하나인 Rehm & co의 한국파트너사입니다. 커피농부에서 로스터까지 그 멀고 긴 커피
여정의 모든 노동과 수고에 감사하며, 좋은 커피를 찾는 최고의 로스터들에게 특별하고 소중한 커피를 변함 없는 품질로 안정되게 전달하고 있습니다.

Qualities & Control

We trust in our partners in the coffee growing countries but we have to be sure that each single coffee bag that arrives is according to our standards.
Rehm & Co was always considered as a high quality provider that sticks to its statutes. Every single lot that arrives is checked on its Green
Bean Appearance and on its cup quality as well as its roast.
All Traders are frequently traveling to the coffee origins in order to widen their knowledge and deepen the relation to the producers.
On part of the Rehm&Co. business is to support projects around the world like in Burundi and Nicaragua, El Salvador and Colombia as well as Peru.
Here we are fully integrated in the quality finding process and the supply chain and aim to grow with the projects.

우리는 커피 생산국의 오랜 파트너들을 신뢰 하지만 도착 되는 각각의 모든 커피를 우리의 기준에 따라 확인하고 점검합니다.
모든 Lot의 커피는 그린빈 상태로 그리고 로스팅 하여 체크됩니다.
이것이 REHM & co가 스페셜티커피 공급자의 지위를 유지하는 이유입니다.
Rehm&co는 커피 생산자들과의 이해를 넓히고 관계를 심화하기 위해
브룬디, 니카라구아, 엘 살바도르, 콜롬비아, 페루 등 전 세계 생산국의
커피생산 프로젝트를 지원하고 있습니다.
좋은 커피를 생산하고 공급하는 것을 완벽하게 통합하여
함께 성장하는 것이 우리의 목표이기 때문입니다.

REHM Germany

The main objective of Rehm & co is to supply the European Coffee roasting industry with reliable good quality sourced in Latin-America,
Africa and Asia. Rehm & co provides total quality control, from the country of origin to the final destination through our own laboratory and warehousing
and inventory control according to each clients requirements. Strong guiding principles and the director's experience have resulted in providing
our clients with a cost effective and efficient service.

We work with various trustworthy shipping lines Worldwide which provide a regular service from the ports of origin to destination. In key ports we
have contracted warehouses which can guarantee a service of handling the raw coffee, with special services of blending, cleaning and bulking the
green coffee and later preparing the merchandise for transport to the final destination.
Rehm & co is dealing discreetly and efficiently in often volatile international markets which is challenging. Our network of agents and exporters gives us
personal presence in the producer and consumer markets. We serve our clients and suppliers with information on market trends and relevant
developments, supported by the best international sources.
The traders’ experience and the constant presence in the markets bring our clients advantages in quality, price and terms (INCO, ECC). Our company
ensures accurate observation of the shipments regarding quality standards and packing through sampling and testing as well as through
constant work with our suppliers.Experienced in physical dealing and handling of green coffee Rehm & co knows the fundamentals and trade
practices as well as the complete range of our clients requirements.
Shipping, insurance and contract documentation mandate special capabilities. Our traffic experts and finance staff ensure prompt, accurate and
smooth execution of international contracts. This often means significant savings for our clients.
Financing of business is offered through our German banks to clients in the consuming countries especially for contracts with delivery terms.

Rehm & co offers from the trading side a variety of different forms of pricing mainly at outright prices (per 50 kgs or cts/lbs) or at a premium
or discount (differential) versus a terminal (futures) month at the New York (ICE) or London (Liffe) Coffee Exchange. For this differential trading
we offer price fixation in buyer's or seller's option, on our accounts with our commission houses.

Contact US

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